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Lucid celebrates 4 years of success!


We celebrated our 4th anniversary last month at the very swanky Marco Pierre White Restaurant in Cardiff. We reflected on our journey so far, success’ to date and shared our plans for the future!

Lucid Recruitment was first established in 2014 by our Director Richard, who started his journey in a 1 bed apartment, with nothing but a laptop and a phone. Today we sit as a team of 4 in our cool, quirky offices located in Cardiff Bay – and we are still on the lookout for our next new Recruitment Ninja!

We asked Richard a few questions:

1. What would you say your biggest achievement is to date?

My biggest achievement to date is setting up the business in 2014. I had a huge desire to set up and run my own company and taking the decision to leave full time employment working for a company and team of people that I loved was really difficult. I knew at the stage I was at in life it was now or never, so I decided to take the plunge. I have not looked back since and realise I should trust my instincts.

2. Over the past 4 (successful) years, what stands out to you the most?

To be honest it is the little things that stand out to me. I remember about 2 years ago looking up from my desk and seeing everyone else on the phone working and it made me really proud that I had a great team working for me.

3. What is your vision for Lucid for the next 4 years?

My vision for Lucid is to continue to grow organically. I am very proud that I have not needed any investment or financing to grow the business so far and hopefully over the next four years we will triple in size in terms of headcount and turnover.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Lucid – here’s to us 😊

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