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Questions you should not ask at an interview!

With over 20 years’ experience in recruitment the Lucid team have compiled some of the worst, funniest and frankly unbelievable things we have heard that candidates have asked during an interview.

As we all know interviews can be a very nerve wracking experience and sometimes these nerves lead us to ask some really silly questions that we would never dream of asking in a normal situation. I think it is fair to say that with some of these questions it seems like we are stating the obvious, but you would be surprised how often they crop up.

Questions you should not ask at an interview!
Don't say that!

Please do not ask these questions during your interview…

You’re at an interview, not trying to get a date!

  • Want to go out for drinks or a coffee later?

  • Are all the employees here as "hot" as you?

Don’t come across as lazy!

  • I prefer working from home. How often would you expect me to be here?

  • Is it OK to arrive late or leave early if my work is done or if no one needs my help?

Don’t lose focus on the role you are applying for!

  • What other jobs are available here?

  • How soon could I apply for another job here?

Make sure you research the position you are applying for!

What does the person in this job do?What are the requirements of the job?What does the company do?


  • How soon can I get a pay rise?

  • How much paid holiday would I get?

  • How soon can I take a holiday after I start work?

  • Do you check references?

  • Is passing a drug test required to be hired?

  • Do you have security cameras watching everything I do?

  • Do you monitor email use and web browsing when I'm at work?

  • Do you keep close track of when I arrive and when I leave?

  • How long do I need to work here before having a paid sick day?

  • How many paid sick days are allowed?

  • Do you require a doctor's note whenever a sick day is taken?

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